A Busy Week!

We have a busy week at BGE and in our class this week!

Tuesday, September 27–Virginia Studies Geographic Regions Quiz:  Students will have to be able to tell about the land, location, product, and industries of each of the 5 regions.  Be sure you’re studying!

Wednesday, September 28–World Milk Day                                                      Math GPS (Growth per Student) this will be cumulative from the year (place value, rounding and comparing numbers, addition and subtraction, word problems, addition properties, and patterns)

Thursday, September 29–Color Run                                                                         We want to thank all of the students, families, and community members who have helped donate money for our school.  All students will be participating in this event!

Upcoming Events

September 9– Math STAR testing and September Exemplar

September 13– Virginia Studies quiz on the surrounding bodies of waters and rivers

  • Interims will be sent home

September 15– Biweekly GPS

  • Back to School Night