Virginia Studies


Upcoming Skill(s) for the month of April:

  • VS.8a- The effects of reconstruction on life in Virginia
  • VS.8c- Describe the importance of Virginia’s economic development after the Civil War
  • VS.8b- Identify the effects of segregation and Jim Crow on life in Virginia


  • VS. 9c- Describe the social and political events in VA linked to desegregation and Massive Resistance
  • VS.9a- Describe economic and social transition of VA from a rural agricultural society to a more urban, industrial society
  • VS.9b- Idenitfy the impact of famous Virginians (Woodrow Wilson and George C. Marshall)
  • VS.9d- Identify political, social, and economic contributions

We will begin preparing for the SOL test throughout April with daily questions.

Students should be reviewing their notes daily.  This will help them in preparation for upcoming quizzes and/or tests.